International conference (distance format) is organized by the InterRegioNovation Association

15-16 November 2017

“Investment Policies: New Models, New Markets, New Practical Strategies”

The aim of the conference:

The aim of the conference is to involve a wide range of experts in discussing important trends and challenges of investment policies nowadays. Organizations around the world are contemplating alternative approaches to international investment. The focus of the conference will be how to attract the right kind of international investment that can help enhance skills and education, transfer competencies and strengthen manpower as well as build infrastructure, innovation systems and contribute effectively to the competitiveness of the host nation.

Main conference topics for discussion:

  • International investment and competitiveness;
  • The role of international investment in building various types of infrastructure: technological, scientific, health, environment and education, key components for increased competitiveness;
  • Innovations, knowledge transfer and education in investment policies;
  • Investments in the health care sector;
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) in growing markets;
  • The role of governments (and other stakeholders) in shaping a competitive business environment to attract investment, facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Impact of the global and national crisis on the implementation of investment strategies;
  • Investment risk management;
  • Fund flows in the investment process;
  • Ongoing shifts in client demand, market environments, and industry dynamics;
  • Financial sector reforms and better allocation of capital;
  • World’s economic opportunities and diversification potential.

The topics of the Conference will discuss how to attract the right kind of international investment that contribute to the competitiveness of national economies. It will shed light on the special role of foreign firms in enhancing a country’s competitiveness which in turn help them attract more investment.

Conference participants

Conference publication

Conference publication: the conference materials will be collected and published in a special volume of the Regional Innovations Journal.

The conference is supported by





  • The International Forum of the Territories
  • The International Business Institute, Paris
  • FRANCeXP Association
  • Association “Baltic InterRegional Development hub”
  • Institute of Economy of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk
  • Department of Economic Cybernetics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Eastern-European Institute for Cross-Border Studies, Kharkiv
  • Ukrainian-Francophone Academic Centre (Karazin Kharkiv National University)
  • Kharkiv National Medical University


The conference fee is 20 euro.

Please submit the application with your thesis (2500 words maximum) before November 06, 2017 to the Conference Committee at

Application form should include the names of authors, position, institution, post address, phone,  e-mail.


The conference language is English but theses will be accepted in English and French.


The Organizing Committee is entitled to selecting papers to be presented at the conference.

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