REGIONAL INNOVATIONS is an independent, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, Internet-based international journal with reputable professors and experts as members of its Editorial Board. Normally, four issues are prepared each year. The journal accepts papers in English and French.

The Regional Innovations welcomes to submit research papers by scientists, universities, business, government agencies, policy makers and independent experts.

The journal publishes original research papers, policy analyses, case studies, critical reviews, surveys and book reviews in order to establish an effective channel of communication between research institutions, business, policy makers, government agencies, and individuals relative to the analysis of various aspects of knowledge and innovations transfer and exchange within regional dimensions.

We intend that our readers will be exposed to the most central and significant issues in innovations development. The journal explores key priorities of the knowledge and innovations transfer and exchange in terms of critical aspects of human life (economy, law, science, business, health, education, culture etc.). We therefore welcome submissions not only from established areas of research, but also from new and emerging fields and those which are less well represented in existing publications, e.g. engineering studies, biomedical research etc.

We aim for the Regional Innovations to become the leading online forum to globally disseminate outstanding research papers on innovation sector in regional dimensions. Being an online periodical, the Regional Innovations is also a forum for exchange of imaginative ideas readers wish to share. Contributions of articles and your comments about our journal are very welcome.

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